Scaler Midi Channel Pass Through

Hi I love scaler and use it with Bitwig.

Unfortunately (probably due and needed for MPE) notes sent into scaler via various midi channels always get constrained to ch1 on the output. I would LOVE an option to honour the input channels on the output so that, MPE or not I can jam multiple instruments through one instance of scaler

I would love y’all forever :heart:


The current version of Scaler is MIDI channel 1 only. The developers have mentioned plans to expand its MIDI capabilities. I don’t know Bitwig, but you’ll have to develop a workflow that takes Scaler’s single channel structure into account.

You can use multiple instances of Scaler or have one instance of Scaler send to multiple MIDI tracks. You have to think a bit strategically at times.

I don’t know anything about Bitwig.

You should be able to use Scaler to eg. set up a Bass line you like. Take the midi (drag 'n drop) onto a midi track. Go into the midi editor, select all and change the selection to a different midi channel and assign your instrument.

In some DAWs you can just re-route midi channels. Sometimes you can even mix DAWs using reWire.

Hopefully someone will chime in with a better answer.

I feel your pain.

No for sure, bitwig kicks ass for routing, far more capable than any DAW really, especially Ableton.

I typically have a chord track which distributes notes to all instances of scaler on other tracks with a bitwig note receive device which blends a track input with another external midi sidechain, so that I can jam along to the harmony on any instrument.

It isn’t perfect as sometimes there’s a tiny bit of latency is all.

I think once MPE compliant this would solve the issue.

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I mean in terms of realtime chord switching

+1 When sending midi channels to different tracks Scaler will receive all incoming channels but then pass them through as Channel 1 only. This is a bug that keeps biting me. I like to put Scaler on different tracks, even at the end of the FX chain, to see what are the notes/scale/chords coming through.

+1 on this bug please.

Which DAW are you using?