Scaler MIDI drag and drop function

I think the MIDI drag and drop function of scaler is the best.
Because other software want to drag MIDI, they can only export MIDI or record midi.
But scaler is different. Just select it and you can drag it right away.
I wonder if it can be implemented in the future scale ARP. For example, after selecting style or editing by yourself, you don’t need to record MIDI, and you can drag MIDI right away?

Hey Swingmix

I agree the D&D feature is great and I use it all the time.

Per your suggestion, did you know you can drag the MIDI of any chord with a Performance mode applied without doing any recording? Just enable a performance mode, select a chord(s) and drag to your DAW. Done

You can even drag full pads of patters and it will combine the midi based on the selection order. Combined with Preview Selected, this is as a quick way to rearrange and audition patterns before you drop them into your DAW

For example…the 4 midi clips below were just a Cmaj chord I dragged to the DAW 3 times with the 3 different speeds applied. Basic Perf 1 @ .0.x5, x1, x2 and then I turned on the ARP and dragged in the last one. No recording was done, just turn on the mode and drag away. Had I built a pattern with 4 chords and applied the same perform settings, I could have dragged all the chords and I would have gotten one midi clip with all 4 patterns.

No midi record, just drag and dropped chords with a perform mode enabled.