Scaler + Minimonsta 2 + Sunburst guitars = a Bomb Combo!

Hi there

As usual, I started from a series of chords found in Scaler with the amazing Suggest feature and my ears

Scaler-State.xml (12.6 KB)

Then I used Scaler to send chords to Minimonsta 2 and a rocky Sunburst guitar

Then I dropped a couple of audio tracks to receive the many variations made by the mouse with both instruments, above all on the Minimonsta, and I admit that moving all those knobs and switches activating filters and oscillators was a lot of fun :heart_eyes:

The Bass came from the Minimonsta audio, and the same for the drums, but I stuffed the latter using more exotic riffs than usual

Mix & Max with the Izotopes, as usual

The result is Total Xperimental (nomen omen)


Oh, yes, great. Back to the 70`s. Well done.

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My favorite artist David Bowie even went to sing that song, so it would be a great atmosphere. I could even hear it singing in the beginning of the song. :grinning:

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A note about manual variations:
having Scaler feeding the chords, I used the mouse to change both the sound of the Minimonsta, AND the riff of the guitar, trying to select louder or softer riffs according to the softer or louder tones of the Moog, respectively

In practice, I used e.g. “scratches” (soft riff) for the louder Moog tones and vice versa

Do you think it was reasonable?
That using e.g. louder tones for both the Moog and the guitar could be better?

Trying to think who that reminds me of possibly Hawkwind, as Miki says definitely 70’s vibe.

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Spacey, dude! Smoking a little of Mary Jane, eh? Good job. Your self imposed music exile didn’t last long.

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Nope, not long indeed :grin:

But I took advantage of the brief exile to screen the mass of unfinished tunes, and I’ll do another screen so to possibly have a few dozen of vibes that are worthy a further job and finalization