Scaler MMO with non MMO plugins: strange behaviour

Hi there

I just noted that using Scaler 2.7 MMO to drive no-MMO plugins like EZkeys or Metapiano improves the sound (more bodied), that is strange

The only drawback is a noise similar to that jumping out using too-little sample audio settings

Maybe that @jamieh is able to investigate?

Like a low bit rate? What is your audio interface set to?

When I load a lot of effects, instruments, etc. and set the ASIO to a low buffer size, e.g. 128 kb instead of 2048, I’ll have noises (scratches)

Usually, increasing ASIO values helps, but in this case not

Now, these “noises (scratches)” jump out only using pianos & the so, while with guitars or pads they are not there

Sound like your CPU is overloaded. Are these new instruments? What has changed in your setup? Are you trying to over do how many instruments you have going at the same time these days?

If it was an overload, I would have never been surprised :grinning:

nope, it happens with just Scaler and Ezkeys:
no scratches without MMO
scratches with MMO
and it’s a shame because MMO produces a richer sound

Presumably before you just used EZkeys mono-timbrally. Playing in MMO, although not quite like having 5 copies, does require the VST to create 5 internal ‘copies’ for each MIDI channel, so MMO wise it will use significantly more CPU resource. NO free lunches here.

I suspect this is pushing your box over its limits. One way to investigate this is to load up Task Manager (right click on the bottom tool bar) and see what the graph looks like.

here’s a shot of 14 tracks playing with Omnisphere (2 copies) Aruria Piano v2 and Stylus RMX, with Omnisphere picking up the burden multi-timbrally.

This munches up 12% of CPU on my 32GB, 4.9Gz, 16 thread i9-9900 . I suspect that your box was struggling to play the 5 extra tracks on top of anything else you had running. It looks like there were 3 synths, but in fact it was the equivalent of about 12

Re the last post … I checked and it’s not clear if EZkeys is multi-timbral, but probably not. I was thrown by the fact that you were sending multi-channels to it because it supported them, but if not, the question is why you would use MMO if it supports one channel only.

If it is mono-timbral, then it’s not clear how it would deal with processing other channels. One assumes it would either ignore the other channels or merge them together. Either way, it’s presumably not how Tootrack intended it to be used.

nope, it isn’t, and this is why I wrote “strange behaviour” :wink:

even if my 2 pianos aren’t MMO, their sound improves using Scaler MMO
but there are those scratches that are undesirable

On the other hand, guitars don’t do noises, but their sound doesn’t change

How are you using Ez and Multi out ? What are you trying to do ?

How are you using Ez and Multi out ? What are you trying to do ?

Nothing special
just another test of a feature, as I often do