Scaler Multi-Channel Passthrough (Not Multi-Voice Output)


I’m guessing this isn’t possible with Scaler and there probably aren’t any plans to implement, but I figured I’d double check and ask in case. I have various different MIDI melody/chord generators feeding into Scaler, all from different MIDI Channels 1-6. When it hits Scaler, it goes in as multiple channels but comes out Scaler all on one MIDI Channel. I have a pretty weird setup going on and I’m not sure I’d be great at elaborating too well on it or why I’m looking for such a feature, but what I do know is that if all the MIDI Channels for the different notes coming in are preserved as is, this project I’m working on would work. Just wanted to confirm this just isn’t possible in Scaler and I’m not missing any menu option to disable consolidating everything to one MIDI Channel. Thanks!


If you have Ableton Live you cannot do that, because it sends anything to Channel 1 only (or something similar, I don’t remember well because I don’t use multi-channel no more)

Otherwise, in Scaler, have you toggled the multi-OUT button that is defaulted to OFF?

And, have you tried to send each MIDI melody/chord generator to a different instance of Scaler, instead of just one?