Scaler needs dedicated midi channel out assignment

Hi please look at Hy plugins sequencer vst. He has a dedicated midi channel out lock which is important when using vst plugins and external gear. Currently Scaler always points to channel 1 in Fl studio only which does work well when using more than one piece of gear or multi part synths.

I think ableton works around this but certainly not FL. The IL team keeps claiming their midi stuff is fine but…

Hi @xtremsounds,

Thanks for the suggestion, can you give some more info on what you expect Scaler to do regarding the routing to a specific MIDI channel.
Are you expecting to route some part of the output to one channel and another part of the output to another channel from the same instance of Scaler?
Do you mean each instance of Scaler should be able to output to a different channel?

Regarding the issue you are describing, have you tried using “Patcher” and the “MIDI Out” plugins in FL Studio? It seems it could help with the more advanced routing you describe.

Scaler just needs a simple midi channel out function where we can select a single midi channel to lock for output. This way scaler will lock to 1 part of midi instrument while the others are free to play independently.

Fl studios patcher is too complex to work with IMO.