Scaler not sending midi to VSTs in Logic Pro

Hi. Just finding my way around Scaler and very impressed so far. In Logic Pro, when I set a new track to use Scaler and its built-in VST, it works great. But implementing Scaler as a Midi generator on an existing channel produces no sound. It’s odd. With Scaler off, the Typing Keyboard produces midi and sound through Logic’s built-in instruments like Alchemy etc. As soon as I activate Scaler, the sound is gone. Am I missing something? Suggestions much appreciated. Thanks

PS I’m on MacBook Pro M1 (hope that’s not the problem!)

Hi @peegeebee , check out the Scaler manual, page 5 and 42+

Hi Bernd. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I have an iMac and a MacBook and have installed the exact same trial version on both. On the iMac, when I add a instance of Scaler to an existing MIDI track, I can play through Scaler and still hear the instrument. When I do the same thing precisely on the MacBook, the sound is cut off. I attach screenshots showing the track correctly armed and receiving midi, and playing sound, and then, with just Scaler activated, the MIDI is received by Scaler but nothing is forwarded to the track and there is no sound. I hope I’m making the problem clear. Thanks again.

With Scaler activated, track that was playing audio through MIDI instrument now produced no sound. No MIDI is being received by the track though MIDI is being received into Scaler:
Without Scaler, track playing MIDI instrument works as expected, producing audio:

Might be - a lot of Logic Pro on M1 problems are solved by running it in Rosetta mode.
Check this thread.

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