Scaler not showing up in my Pro Tools DAW version PT19.10

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but despite the fact that I have downloaded Scaler 2.07 I cannot see it anywhere within my DAW. I am running Pro Tools 19.10 on a Late 2013 Mac Pro running Mojave and can see the folder on my drive but it doesn’t show up as a virtual instrument … Furthermore when I download and activate the key it immediately opens up and activates my Studio One software …??? Help and advice appreciated …

Thanks Guys

Hey @Mastophers

you can try downloading the latest 2.0.8 version from Plugin Boutique. Installing the new version might help, you can also try rebooting after install.

Regarding the license file opening Studio One, it is simply that Studio One is the application registered with the “.license” extension on your system. It won’t prevent you from registering once you open Scaler.

Thank you Edouard … I will try as you suggest …