Scaler on Android?

I did not sell my soul to the Apple devil :joy:
I hope that one day you’ll develop an Android version.
Anyways, there are more Android users in the world (not for Scaler, of course) than iOS
So, yes, I would really like to play on Scaler on Android before I become too old. :rofl:

BTW, the latest, 2.7 version, is a-maz-ing.

the problem is that too many Android devices are not very suitable for musical production
for example, socks & plugs often don’t work

do you remember my fight and also here to do overdubbing on Android?

Yes, will be great to see Scaler on Android!

Yes, i remember. My case is easier. I used BandLab with my old Arturia Keystep controller on my Android sock, sorry, phone. It worked great. Still, i missed Scaler because all i played was a crap. Not real chord progressions. Almost as i played on a sock. :joy:
If i had Scaler, i would certainly install Bandlab on my tablet. Android, of course.

ah OK, now I understand
different situation indeed
and a tablet makes more sense because the higher footprint
I have an Android DAW in my smartphone, but using it for something different from a joke is not enticing to me: too little GUI and keys

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