Scaler: Only 2 keys turn black when binding midi to section B

Scaler is absolutely amazing, but I’m having an issue of playing chord variations in section B with bound midi. Only two black keys show up only allowing me to preview the first two chords with my midi controller. The weird thing is that section A and B midi work perfectly. Here are pictures of section B and C so you can see the difference. Notice there are 8 chords but only 2 corresponding back keys in section B. How can I make it so I can play all the chord variations with my midi controller?

Click on picture for full album.

Some variations sound great next to each other so I hope someone can figure out whats going on. I’m using FL Studio 20, with 64 bit Scaler.

Thanks in advance for any help.

This looks like a bug, the pentatonic scales are handled differently in Scaler. I guess something is wrong there.

We will have a look at this, thanks for reporting.