Scaler or VSCO bug?

I am trying to do some orchestral part with the Versilian Standard Chamber Orchestra 2

attached is the Hypnosys.xml (6.2 KB)

the problem is that it seems I cannot have the chords playing in the good part of the VSCO keyboard, i.e. the blue-arrows part below

rather it seems to me that most chord notes fall in the red-arrows part, and often they fall in the articulation part, producing awful sounds in both cases

I tried to move the Voice Grouping part with little improvements if any
I also tried to move octaves with my MIDI keyboard but to no avail

is a Scaler or a VSCO bug?

and, in the second case, buying a commercial plugin as the Ableton Orchestral Ensemble Essentials 2 will fix the issue?

Try Spitfire BBC Orchestra Discover Edition. Click on “Or Free” link. Fill in the questionnaire on their site so it will be free, but you’ll wait two weeks to receive the download link. Or, if you cannot wait, you pay 49 USD and get it now. I believe this is their strategy for people that cannot wait :slight_smile:
The instruments are really good, not all the articulations, but a lot of quality instruments. And there are also BBCO Templates for many DAWs (Ableton, Loogic, Protools, Cubase, Reaper…) that you can use in your DAW.

thanks but my problem is the match between the Scaler’s keyboard and the plugin’s one and can be only overcame if the plugin’s keyboard keys can be moved left/right, something that cannot be done in VSCO

AFAIK Spitfire BBC Orchestra templates serve to link the plugin to Ableton, but this doesn’t fix my issue

You just need Scaler notes played within that range. I can’t see that range on your pic but have you tried the ‘Grouping Range’ settings in Voice Grouping. That is exactly what they are for. Or just adjust the chords in section C to fit that area. I regularly use Scaler to trigger instruments with restricted ranges, there are several options within scaler to do so.

I think I tried what you suggest, but maybe I did something wrong
so far I was rarely able to use the VSCOs, even because the usable keys of those instruments are all different, and Scaler expressions, phrases etc chord play often notes that trigger articulation randomly

I finally bought it, regardless it fixes my issue or not
those sounds are amazing!
and the plugin is very cheap and its footprint so small

thanks for the advice

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I can confirm that the BBC fixed my issue

and not only I appreciate how well sound all those 35 instruments
but even the small footprint of that plugin: I composed a small piece of classical-style music to test it, and I found that 3 Scaler and 5 BBC instances suck just 900 MB

here is the sample

the chord use are F# min7 and G maj9 with various patterns selected by ear because each BBC instrument responds differently to the same patterns

Nice work.

I just discovered that you followed me on SoundCloud :slight_smile:Thanks for this.
I set free more formerly private songs in classical style. All of them use Scaler as the main tool and also BBCO Discover, some of them also other Spitfire libraries. Please find below two examples I like very much.Most of the songs use Scaler’s Performances.



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I’ll listen them for sure, as far as I have some free time today