Scaler out of sync and glitch in Logic X

Guys I am very frustrated. I just purchased Scaler to use with Logic Pro X. And it simply is too buggy to use. Here are my issues:

  1. When using as a midi effect, Scaler all of a sudden resets itself. Very frustrating.
  2. When using as a midi effect scaler resets itself when I duplicate the track.
  3. Scaler falls out of sync with my DAW.
  4. The Bind feature randomly turns off.

Honestly guys, how does a premium costing chord plugins with so many users have such glaring bugs? Am I missing something? I am incredibly annoyed at this massive waste of my money. Can someone help?

Hmmm, there are thousands of users using Scaler with Logic (including myself) on a daily basis with none of these issues. These are not bugs but something relating to your system or user error. If you provide more information on your setup, version of Scaler, OS and any other details you are likely to get some help