Scaler Problem

Wats up I have a small problem. I have Ableton & FL Studio 20 & my scaler pops up for AU & VST in ableton which is cool but in my FL Studio 20 it only pops up as a AU & not a VST & you know that it’ll only work if its in a VST. I took a picture of it & it says error & I don’t know what to do.

Okay I rescanned it & I seen VST 3 pop up which I think is good but when I pick a scale and play one of the chords I don’t hear any chords play just single tones. I don’t know what to do.

Hi @Jamalf89,

that’s a weird one…

The fact that it works normally on a different DAW seems to indicates that something is wrong with FL Studio or the way it is setup in your FL Studio project.

From the screenshot I can see the sound output of Scaler is disabled which seems to indicate you are trying to trigger an external instrument, if this is the case remember to use the VST2 version of Scaler as the VST3 still has some issue with routing.


Well when I go & fins my plugins & I type in Scaler I only see AU & VST3+VST version. (I rescanned my plugins btw).


Fl Studio has an option to combine VST and VST3 version of a plugin. This is probably the reason why you are seeing them like this.

Not to sound stupid or anything… what do you prefer I should do if you was me? (Btw I’m still fairly new to FL Studio so I don’t know my way around it)

You can either remove the VST3 version of Scaler from your plugin folder to force any DAW to use the VST2. Or you can try to find in FL Studio - Plugin Manager the option to ungroup the VST2/3.

There is a thread on the forum about this with many questions and screenshots: MIDI Routing - FL Studio - VST3

Let me know if you need further assistance.

It works now thank you.

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