Scaler Questionnaire

Hi all, you may have received our recent newsletter re: Scaler 2.6 and Scaler iPad, both of which have been released. Also on the newsletter is a link to a questionnaire about what you would like to see in our next major iteration of Scaler. Will only take a few minutes to complete so if you haven’t already we’d love you to do so:



HI @davide,

The questionnaire is a great idea, but the combination of yellow over white is impossible to read. Can this be fixed?

This is strange. I have no trouble reading this at all and I have old eyes. Perfectly readable.

Yeah. It was my tablet that had too bright yellow. I just tried on my PC and is ok on my screen. Not tablet friendly, but it’s not the questionnaire problem as I understand now.

It’s good to see the questions are aligned with what we have perhaps come to see as the Scaler philosophy for the product…

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This is an amazing idea @davide I’m actually going to lift some of it for my creative team. Very well done. Also, I want to offer my compliments to you and the team for a wordclass job on Scaler 2.6 and iPad. It’s been a gamechanger for years on desktop and now even better, imo, on iPad. I’m just a super huge fan of when people really get things right and for me, Scaler is by far the best example of this as it relates to making music theory accessible to anyone as well as expanding what’s possible in the production environment. Bravo.

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I would like to see the responses to the questionnaire in a percentage format.
To see what others requested what they would like to see in the new version, and to see if there if there are others that are be requesting the same thing.
Thank you

That would be of interest to me as well, but I understand from experience why such votes are just one of many factors that might go into future functions. The key word is ‘help’ rather than decide. They have to weigh these views in with their own strategic directions, things being included to open new markets, and a cost benefit analysis of any new function and other reasons.

Other factors will be that a poll will be responded to by a only sub-set of board visitors, which itself is a subset of overall users - the committed and vocal minority - so that has to be factored in to the development plan.

Finally (and again from sometimes difficult past experience with canvassing user input) the danger is that some users will say “why didn’t you do this when X% voted for it?” . The actual answer in my case was that just wasn’t the business we wanted to be in. It can be a hostage to fortune.

Having said that, I’ll still be interested to see the results … :expressionless:

I don’t remember to have received the questionnaire
can you put the link kere?

it was in the picture itself :cold_face:
OK, filled
I am interested just in 2 features: better melodies in green keys, and MIDI division tool for orchestras

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IOS Scaler almost had me buying an iPad, but then I realized I could run it on my laptop in Cakewalk.