Scaler randomly changing pitch


Ive been having issues with using Scaler as a MIDI Fx. The problem is the plugin randomly changes pitch and even when duplicating the exact same instance on the plugin onto another track I get a transposed version
Thanks in advance for your help.

To help please include -

  1. DAW and version
  2. OS version
  3. Scaler version
    A screen shot of the setup if possible.
    What is changing pitch? The chord that it plays? Are you send to another instrument or just the internal sounds?
  1. Im on Logic 10.7.5
  2. Monterey 12.6.2

The chord it plays is the same, what changes pitch is the sound output. For instance if I load two exact copies of the same plugin with the same settings on two channels, they both play the same chords but they sound different.

And you’re using Scaler 2.7.2?
What instrument is Kontakt playing? Same in both?

Hi @StewartPab and welcome to the forum.

Please ensure you are running the latest Scaler version - 2.7.2 (though 2.7.3 will be released through Plugin Boutique very shortly) as there is fixed compatibility with Logic Pro X and M1 machines.
Ensure that you enable “Filter Sysex Messages” in the preferences pane. See attached screenshot.

This option is only available on Scaler Control in Logic Pro X.