Scaler records chord progression but

I developed a chord progression. Works well inside scaler but when I record the progression on a midi track the frist two chords play and then the rest there is a thumping sound where the chords are supposed to be. The track assigned to an external VST. I turn off sound from Scaler.
It seems to record the notes becuase I can see them in the edit window, but will not play the instrument.
I have copied a 4 bar loop and duplicated it, and when the next loop starts I can hear the sound from the first two chords again and then the thumping sound. Any ideas. I am using windows 11 pro and Studio One Pro 6.


What is the instrument? What is the range of the instrument? Could a note be triggering a key switch? We need more information.

How are you recording the midi and triggering the instrument?

Do you

  1. route the output from Scaler to the instrument track, or
  2. capture the midi and drag the midi instrument track, or
  3. lasso the pattern drag the it onto the instrument track.

As per @jamieh

that is being triggered?

If the notes are out of the range of the instrument, they cannot be heard. Some low notes e.g. C0 or so can trigger a key switch…

It is impossible to hear e.g. G5 with bass or C2 with violin but they can trigger staccato or legato, for example.

That’s why Jamie’s question is pertinent and knowing the instrument AND notes used n MIDI is important to resolve this issue.