Scaler Reverb BUILDUP?

Hello Scaler,

When I use Scaler with other instruments, say Massive. It seems that Scaler builds up a huge amount of reverb to the point where it just becomes a reverberating mess and I have to stop it. Also sometime Scaler just prints a long note I didn’t even play and it build into a reverbotic mess and I have to stop to clear the air.

What am I doing wrong???

Help… It sucks being on an idea and getting overwhelmed with a bunch of reverb???

Hi @G-Stone22

It sounds like it could be a MIDI loop issue due to the routing
Which DAW do you use and how do you send the midi to Massive?

You can try to disable “Allow multi-trigger” option in Scaler located in the settings popup. It normally allows to trigger multiple bound chords at the same time but can get some notes stuck when playing.

And further to Ed’s reply there is an ‘!’ button at the top of scale which acts as a panic or a mini panic button. This stops any stuck notes which is a common occurrence and normal by product of midi. What you are hearing is hung notes not reverb.