Scaler sound drop out

Never saw this before until last night.

v 2.7.1 with Studio One v6.

I was sort of rapid-fire auditioning different chords in a progression, and at one point, I stopped getting any audio at all. The midi notes would play, but no audio came through. Channel not muted. Happened twice, had to save my session, remove the instrument completely, re-start it and re-import the session. Odd thing - not catastrophic but definitely new and a little disconcerting.

W11 / Ryzen 5 5600 / 32gb PC3200

Hi @DaveK58

thanks for reporting. The fact that it works again when reloading the plugin is a good sign. Is it possible that your audio config changed while running the plugin? It could be that Scaler failed to playback audio with the updated settings.

Maybe check your samplerate and other audio settings in your DAW or audio interface when it happens.

Did it happen in this one project only? Check if you have the same issue in an empty project to make sure it is not something outside of Scaler causing this.

Thanks for reading Ed. I never touch my sample rate ever, same as it has been for many months, and certainly never in the middle of a composing scrum. Yes, in this project only, only one other instrument loaded, and has never happened before.

I don’t know if it even qualifies as a “bug”. I’ll follow up if it happens again and try to provide more context if I can.