Scaler stand alone

I said before that I hope scaler is a simple VST plug-in.
Now I think I’m wrong.
Because I recently bought a new computer, but the new computer only has 256g hard disk storage, so I don’t want to install other programs, I just want to install a scaler
But I found that I couldn’t. I had to install a Daw to run scaler
Now I really want to have a stand-alone version of scaler :joy:

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Why not just use Cantabile as a host ? It’s only 22Mb.

Or go super simple and freeNanoHost freeware - minimalist VST host
Not perfect, but I use it every day…you just need to have a sound you like. The one click launch feature is kinda nice.

More on standalone in general here: Stand-alone - Feature Requests - Scaler Plugin - Community Forum

Or just add a hard drive or external hard drive. You don’t have to install all your software on the system drive. It makes it easier to keep track of but it’s not mandatory. I haven’t done it in years, but in the days when a 5 or 10GB hard drive were huge drives, my main editing station had a tower of SCSI hard drives. I think it had 6 or 8 full height drive bays of which 5 or 6 slots were spinning hard drives. And stuff was scattered all over them, including application installation locations, temp files, you name it. I wouldn’t want to go back to those days, but if you really can’t afford to just swap out your system drive for something larger, it is a fairly cheap option.