Scaler StepPolyArp

Saw a video, share it here

I remember there was a similar video

Then, the chord transitions in SCALER 2.6 work well. (Just that button next to the suggested chord.)

If possible, SCALER can have the functions of the above two videos in the future, so that there is no need to use other software, and I believe it will work better.

The Harpies, aaargh!

Now, joking aside, and apart old PC-games soundtracks and EDM, why wishing automatic melodies when you have such a fine tool like Scaler?

It seems to me this will spoil its capabilities, not the opposite

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The automatic melody doesn’t really matter. I prefer to come up with various chord combinations according to the melody. Because each melody can actually be matched with different chords. I don’t know if SCALER will implement such a function in the future, haha

I likely missed the exact meaning of the video, but I believed they were using Scaler to build a melody, not the opposite :thinking:

A ‘like’ for the comment (which sentiments I share), but I’m beginning gather from posts over the months that ‘electronic’ music doesn’t figure much in your playlist … (Google translate might miss the heavy English sarcasm here :slight_smile: )

Out of curiosity, (a) does this distaste embrace ‘ambient’, ‘trance’ and ‘electronica / techno’ genres as well ? and (b) are there any tracks at all in this class that you might listen to as exceptions ?

PS I just picked up Izotope 9 Advanced on the last day of offer Buy Ozone 9 Advanced | Audio Mastering Software … Plugin Boutique have a goo offer and I have some vouchers. I recall you have some Izotope bits

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Excellent choice. I use Ozone since several years and find it easy to master and tweak so it is my favorite mastering tool. As our friend Claudio, I am a big fan of iZotope software and with them one cannot make a mistake, especially when discounted. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

well… actually I DO electronic music because I don’t have any hardware instrument, voice apart :grin:

Indeed, I don’t like many of those genres you mentioned, and some are just awful for my ears

Can anyone who owns Melody Sauce 2 tell me if it is a VST 2 | 2.4 or is it VST 3? Thanks!