Scaler triggering itself in Reaper

I am sure this has been covered elsewhere but I can’t find it so please accept my apologies in advance. I am having issues with unwanted notes playing during playback when Scaler Bind is set. I can only find one reference to this in the manual / FAQs and that says to unbind during playback, which I can do on the Main screen but not in the Pad screen.

Reaper is configured to receive a midi input from an external Oxygen midi keyboard controller, and the track which Scaler is loaded to is set to record only output midi. There are then two sends to two further tracks with two separate VSTs loaded. It all works very well, but having recorded a sequence, when I play it back, Scaler is triggering itself and generating unwanted notes. This happens despite the track being not being armed for recording. I cannot find an option in the routing of Reaper to prevent this, and cannot find an option in Scaler to “unbind” in the Pad screen, My only option seems to momentarily disable the VST in Reaper. Scaler is of course set to generate no audio output of it’s own.

This is manageable but I wonder if a more elegant solution exists, or whether I should be setting this up in a different way.

Hi @blaze591 ,

I have had a similar issue with a different plug-in (nothing to do with Scaler) and a bit of research has led me to believe it may be random CC messages being generated by my old Oxygen 49 keyboard. Apparently this can happen as pots get worn or dusty/dirty.

As you are using Reaper have you tried recording the midi input to your Scaler track and then viewing the events? This may help identify where the random notes are being generated.

It’s not that, but I appreciate your reply. The track with Scaler loaded as a vst has the output recorded. As this track is played, it is outputting the recorded midi notes back to Scaler, as well as sending them to the other tracks. Because Key Bind is on, Scaler is triggering chords on top of chords. The result is a mish-mash of the recorded midi notes and new ones generated on the fly from Scaler being triggered. Only happens when the key bind is on.

Sorry, I misunderstood the issue.