Scaler tutorial 1.8.1

I’ve been trying to find tutorials on how to change ‘‘scales’’ (different sounds) without any success.
I don’t mean instrumentals what I mean is ‘‘chord notes’’ is there any bank?
I’m looking and looking but all the chords I find is similar to all the others, could someone please help me. Thank you

You likely should not listen to me, but I think you are not understanding the operation of the program correctly. If the first Chord is a CMaj and you select a C scale then the Chord will be IM. However, when you change the Scale to say CMixolydian, the chord is still a CMaj however its placement in the new scale changes to VM. So the chords don’t change, which is what you are saying and hearing, however, their role or position within the scale changes. A CMaj in a Cscale is home, but a CMaj in a Mixolydian scale is dominate and needs to resolve. Does that make sense to you? Or someone else may need to take us both to school.

Thank you so much!
Yes it make sense, but ain’t there any libary from where u can change or use different scales from '‘chords’'Notes?