Scaler Tutorial1

So I spent about 5 hours following this lesson:

and it was well worth it. Basically you can make an entire track just using scaler and a drum sample. Admittedly has to be done a bit different in Reaper than Ableton, but the end result is the same.

If you want tohear it go to:

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Not on FB and never will be. :wink:

Too bad, there are a lot of really great music groups that I have learned a lot from. Not trying to convince you, just saying.

In either case there are a lot of great scaler videos on youtube like the one I described. Good luck!

I run a music studio and I stay busy with our and other people’s projects. I don’t have time to, nor do I desire to be an online “social butterfly”.

10 years of instruction and now playing sax and clarinet over 50 years. Various awards, etc…

I honestly don’t think I am missing anything. Davide’s videos are, by far, the best and for good reason.

Stay safe.