Scaler unaccessable after install

I purchased Scaler from Software Boutique, downloaded the program and the licensing, installed the program and brought it up as an instrument plug in Pro Tools on its own track. All I get is a cover screen for Scaler with barely visible program features in the background which I cannot access. Whenever Scaler is chosen as an instrument plugin it creates a gradually ascending and descending buzz/hiss that reoccurs every 20 to 30 seconds and causes meter deflection on three different tracks. This goes on until I remove Scaler from the tracks instrument plugin.

I’m at a loss as to what to do next. I have found nothing in the user guide or any FAQ that addresses this situation.

+1. I’ve got the exact same issue after just buying Scaler 1.8 on Plugin Boutique. All I get is a splash screen saying “Scaler 1.8 Discover the new features in Scaler 1.8” and I’ve tried on Reaper (and Logic) on my PC (Win 10) and my Mac (High Sierra). Guessing this is an update only and not a full version? I can’t find any other version to try though. . .

Sounds like a cross platform problem. Not good.

Misery loves company? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hey Zappa and Scaler team–I think (at least in my case) the GUI is the issue. Depending on DAW / OS, it’s difficult or nearly impossible to see any options once this splash screen occurs. . . You need to press “later” or any other options you can hopefully see at the very bottom of the splash screen (“later” is near the bottom right). So, move the screen around until you can see that button. Once it’s visible, press “later” and a popup will allow you to import the license. This is really bad design that just wasted an hour or so of my time; would definitely change it ASAP. Thanks.

I’ve got nothing on the bottom right of my splash screen that I can get to but I notice I can’t see the entirety of the bottom of the splash screen on my computer and might account for that.

bummer – not sure what DAW (edit–Protools; just saw that)/ OS you’re on but I have a feeling it’s the issue. If there’s any way possible to make your plugin screen “float” or resize by dragging a corner or move around (like way over to one side if a menu bar is in the way on the bottom) etc. I think if you can see some of the stuff probably just barely out of sight, you’ll be able to press one of those options on the bottom–the one I could see just says “Later”. good luck!!!

another edit — just one other thought - I’m not so great at visual tech but maybe changing aspect ratio on your screen would work?

hey—sorry, having to edit my reply to reply to you as I’m a new user and apparently limited to three posts total. Definitely worth checking screen sizing and aspect ratio etc. if possible. I do like Reaper quite a bit! Worked in Sonar way back and am definitely a big fan of the tweakability in Reaper; especially creating process “macros”. Definitely worth checking out.

Yeah, I tried resizing the box, etc. but no luck. I’m using Pro tools. I notice your using Reaper. I’ve been thinking about getting it to make use of VST goodies on my AAX platform. How are you liking Reaper?

(edit) Thanks for your input.

You should be able to grab the bottom right corner of the window and resize it to access the hidden part of the screen.

If it doesn’t work, open this config file:

Mac: /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Plugin Boutique/Scaler/Scaler.settings
Win: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Scaler\Scaler.settings

you should see a line like this:

VALUE name=“guide” val=“1”/>
Change the “val” to 0 to prevent the guide from opening.

Then, in order to resize Scaler to its smallest supported size, press Alt-Click on the Scaler logo.

I finally found the app folder after clicking on hidden folders in the view options and made the change to the file as you suggested. Once I shut down Scaler and reopened it I got the screen prompting me to register which I did successfully.

Thanks for the help

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A quick update. When I choose version 1.8 quick tour in the help menu it returns me to the unusable splash screen and I have to remove and reinsert it as a plug in to get it functional again.

For some reason the window of Scaler is not completely visible.

Have you tried clicking on the Scaler logo while maintaining the Alt button?

Yes. It has no effect. I have to quit Scaler and reinstalled it on the chosen track to get it functional again. BTW, I still can’t get Scaler to respond to prerecorded midi tracks or live midi controller input. I can only get it to respond to input generated from within the program itself.