Scaler Update and Mute button

Hi Scaler devs,

After having updated Scaler I noticed that all my instances of Scaler had been unmuted… Now I have to re-mute each Scaler instance of all my projects!

Could we make, for futher release, a sort of “by default” mute/unmute option within the Settings that would make it permanent even after updates?? Or to make that the last action of mute/unmute the existing button is considered as the “by default” for the next instances to be open?
As I use one instance of Scaler on almost each keyboard track I have in my projects you can imagine how annoing it can be. Thanks in adance to take this into consideration for the future.

Beside that Scaler is amazing and your doing a great job !!!


Hi @Julian

sorry you experienced this issue.
We changed the way the sound parameter is handled, the new version had the side-effect of resetting your preferences to the default value. The reason we changed it is exactly to prevent this issue from happening again in the future… this shouldn’t happen anymore.


Nice! Thanks Ed for the update.