Scaler v2 beta download

Hello, Is it possible to get access to latest beta version? I have purchased scaler v1 via plugin boutique and I read thru this post (Scaler 2.0 Update) and did not find any information on getting access.


Same situation (purchased v1) and would love to know if access to the beta is available!!

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I am in the same boat. Recently purchased, and love, version 1.8.
Would love to try out the newest BETA as I was hoping it would be released today.

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I’m with you man I’m curious myself how to get the beta

Same, just made a new account to get 2.0 Beta. Been following NAMM all day hoping for release news. I read it’s coming later, no problem, but a beta would be nice.

Request Beta access here from what I can tell.

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Here’s hoping I get access :grimacing:

Nothing yet for my beta download, and my feature request was added to the software. Feeling a lil sad right now :thinking:

Fingers crossed bro!!!

I’m thinking of purchasing but confused now with the versions (don’t want to buy and need to upgrade to v2 in a few weeks).

Please advise… What’s the current status for new purchases?

getting released towards end of january/early feb from what I understand. maybe you should wait

Looking forward to Beta testing the new version, I actually have a month off for surgery, and this would be great to get my hands on this :wink:

Is there any chance to get my hands on the latest Beta?

Just purchased 1.8.1.

Can I please get access to the 2.0 Beta now ?
Fantastic product and looking forward to testing and suggesting additional feature requests.

Purchased Scaler a while ago - can I please added to the beta for version 2.0 - thanks.

Hello @barza

Please request access to the beta here :

and remember to include your email address so we can generate a license for you.