Scaler Vs ChordPrism

Not really sure what the difference is?

Wondering if anyone has used both?

Try the demos.
I much prefer Scaler.

I have both. From what I have seen so far… In chordprism, on the left hand side, you will be able to modulate up to 12 scales at a time using the black keys. I don’t think you will have the ability to create custom scales, only the ones they have available. You will also be able to play the chords that belong to the scale using the white keys and edit each chord (such as transposition or changing each individual note within the chord by using sharps or flats). On the right hand side, you are able to play each note within the chord or the scale that you are currently using on the left hand side. For example, if you have a chord progression that modulates between 2 scales, you will be able to not only play the notes within that chord, but also the notes of the scale that chord belongs to. The chord notes will be highlighted to let you know which notes are within your currently selected chord while the rest of the notes are just part of the scale that chord belongs to. With scaler, you are not able to do all this currently. You are limited to only playing the notes within the scale you are currently on, using the scale lock feature. Scaler currently, does not have a chord lock feature neither. You will not be able to modulate between 2 scales and play the notes from each scale. Maybe we will see it in 2.0. :smile:

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I use both, as well as Instachord. I would say that Scaler is a little more user friendly especially for the novice. Although all can be used by someone with little to no knowledge of theory, Scaler is more forgiving where as the more theory you know, the better Chordprism and Instachord work. If I had to purchase just one, I would definitely go with Scaler. Especially when 2.0 comes out and it has the ability to read audio.

This can also be done using ghost notes but chord prism is live while ghost notes is sequenced.

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Those mentioned features are in Scaler 2.

You can do all of this in Scaler 2 !

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Awesome. Thank you for confirming this. Can’t wait to buy it. :joy: