Scaler window scales up each time I open it


I installed the scaler trial version on win10 yesterday. Now every time I open the scaler GUI (I am using Bitwig Studio as VST host) the window content is scaled up. After the first re-open the ‘inversions’ selectors are already not visible, after the 3rd re-open I cannot even dismiss the registration dialog anymore becuse it’s not visible.

Is this a bug or some kind of nag mechanism? If it’s the latter, it works pretty well, but how am I supposed to trial the plugin this way?

Edit: it seems that only the vst3 version of the plugin shows this behavior.

Hi @feli74

thanks for reporting.

I have noticed that some software on Windows 10 could struggle with the scaling of GUI if you have a hi-dpi screen. Not sure if this is related as it seems to affect only the VST3 but we will check this issue.

Hi @Ed1,
I don’t think mine is a hi-dpi display - just an ordinary 1080p laptop display.

Hi @feli74

sorry for the late update, I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue here in Bitwig Studio 2.4, but I noticed the same scaling behavior in FL Studio 32bit. Using the 64bit version of FL Studio solves the issue.

Which version of Bitwig are you using?


Hi @Ed1

thanks for coming back to this. I was using 2.4 at that time (64 bit I assume, I am not aware of a 32 bit version of BWS).

Meanwhile the trial has expired and I am able to re-open the plugin multiple times and the ‘Trial expired’ dialog is drawn correctly each time…