Scaler with 2 MIDI keyboards possible?

I have an old, but still working M-Audio 32 keys keyboard, and I was wondering if I can use my Alesis Q49 together with the M-Audio 32 keys to have a 81 keys keyboard, possibly avoiding chords-notes that overlap green keys (those for melodies)

I am interested if the solution is easy, through Scaler only
using other plugins for routing etc is not an option

As long as you can plug both into the computer and have them recognized it will work. I did the same with and M-Audio 61 and a small Korg micro. I used the micro for key switching.

If your computer recognizes both them it should easily be possible.

thanks Jamie
I’ll test it tomorrow

Hi Claudio - new user here… Did you have any luck getting both keyboards working?


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I forgot doing :crazy_face:

I think I’ll try using it tonight with this Hammond vst, that is likely the easier way because it has a splitting button

About putting 2 different keyboards acting as one, I googled and found nothing, so far

@ClaudioPorcellana - check this one.

@zzrwood and @lelek
no need to use anything more than my DAW!

I just connected my M-Audio Keystation MINI 32 + Alesis Q49, and the system, Ableton Live 11 included, sees both keyboards

I tested HaNonB701 (simil-Hammond) that has a keyboard splitter, and I was able to use both keyboards with the Hammond: the small one for chords and the bigger for melodies, like I was Rick Wakeman… :woozy_face:
Well, not just the same style, but a lot of fun anyway

Then I tried 2 instruments, EZKeys and HaNonB701, with 2 Scaler’s instances:
Scaler 1 feeding a series of chords in loop, and Scaler 2 muted and in Key Lock to play solos



Thanks Claudio! I have bought Scaler and tried it out - works perfectly with a 25-key Novation Launchkey Mini handling chords and a 37-key Reface CP looking after melodies. Basically giving me a 5 octave keyboard. :+1:

Cheers from Oz


I’m glad that worked
have fun Robert

Hi. Did you have to do any kind of mapping? I have the M Audio oxygen pro mini and when I batch keys, having trouble with playing what’s on screen to match the keyboard.