Scaler with BBC SO Discovery: the easiest workflow ever

Hi there

after having tried to build a template for my BBC SO Discovery and abandoned due to extreme boredom :grin:, I also abandoned the (foolish) idea to orchestrate like Riccardo Muti :rofl:

So here is an alternative and super-easy workflow that I think can be used with any other orchestral plugins and any DAW and OS

I started from the Spitfire Ableton template (but they have templates for main DAWs)
then I used just one Scaler instance to drive each instrument recording consecutive takes

This allows you to change a lot of stuff without messing up with exotic routings or tools

When you have recorded one instrument, set it to No input (you see 2 of them in this state) and go on with the next instrument, and so on up to the end, and you’ll listen the orchestral score forming in real-time at each step

N.B: you can use Scaler automatically to build takes, or you can use the Keys-Lock feature, and in my test I used both

To have the proper key-ranges instead, I just used the 3 Scaler voice groupings that worked nicely for the first 3 instruments, but in case they are not enough for the remaining instruments, one can always use any pitch tool

That’s all


well, now that a Master in orchestration confirmed that my workflow is sound, I’ll be stuck on it and I’ll happily send MMO to the hell :grin:

"I like the system you propose. I used something similar for a while, but I used the Scaler outputs to a Midi track in Ableton, which, in turn, had a Loopmidi Midi channel.

I am currently using PluginGuru’s Unify to separate tracks and to take advantage of its elaborate patches. Also, from Opus I have been doing channel separation to be able to write what it sounds like.

However, your way of seeing things seems very opportune to me. Orchestration is a subject that higher-grade students from conservatories enter after about 10 years of other fundamental studies.

Sometimes we think (and we want to do) that everything works in a few minutes without having studied even those few minutes, hehe.

We want everything to sound right out of the box. And so it happens that our compositions are so ephemeral.

Even so, I think you have given a good guide so that, from a good idea, a good orchestration can emerge. Thanks for sharing, Claudio"

What’s MMO to the hell mean? The only meaning of MMO I know is Massive Multiplayer Online game.

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MMO = Multi Midi Out (of order)