Scaler with grid controllers

Scaler grid + Launchpad :thinking:


Tell me about it that’s exactly why we did it in that format. Imagine now being able to map out 100 bass, melody and lead lines and cut and chop them live.
Getting there.


:grinning: Just the ability of Scaler to recognise and map grid controllers to trigger chords and patterns (a bit like like Ableton scenes) would be awesome. Would save each user trying (with varying degrees of success) to come up with custom midi maps.

The broader possibilities are just mind blowing… :crazy_face:

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1)Different Scales mapped to white notes in each row or Scaler´s custom solution and you have the perfect tool set to improvise (over each chord you like).
Imagine how you play one scale up and another down .
Or you pitch your scale to an intervall or more and you arrange your strings or horns on the fly.
2)The ability to trigger multiple chords at the same time. See above.

Not trying to sell Launchpads here. But the possibilities seem indeed endless for anyone who is not a skilled pianist I think.

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Is it currently possible to have Push in chromatic mode and trigger 64 distinct chords within scaler?

It looks like Scaler may be confined to 8 chords in capturing, playback etc pretty hard to be in live composing mode confined to 8 chords.

Maybe in Scaler 3 they’ll have a dedicated Grid Controller Mode, I think their missing a large chunk of the market currently, being keyboard centric.

Welcome to the forum @MKS-30 Maybe not large chunk of the market, but absolutely should be there. We never meant to be keyboard centric but just our nascent phase. We are discussing how best to implement this for current users even though a complete redesign is a longer term objective which would ideally include from the start we would like this functionality earlier.