Scaler with Hollywood Backup Singers

For those of use who like quality products that are very expensive - but can sometimes be bought for less.
All EastWest products are on sale ( I bought Hollywood Backup Singers for 119$ US instead of 299$ US. I still have in my wishlist their Symphonic Choirs, currently 159$ US instead of 399$ US. Pretty nice rebate :slight_smile: . Two of their VST would be a bit too much for my current budget, but maybe in a few months, I suppose for Black Friday or so… A lot of money, but a lot of pleasure, too.

I sing pretty bad, but with the help of the ladies from Hollywood Backup Singers (two of them backed Pink Floyd for years), this song is not that awful. So, you can hear them singing with me.

The progressions and Performances are 100% Scaler.

I just started exploring the product, but there are so many options that this will take a lot of time, especially because the VST ladies can sing the phrases, but this will be more difficult.

I’ll try to improve my singing in this song one day.


If you have a bad voice I am a Martian

Well, in that case, what would be your Martian name?

In fact, my voice is not that bad, I just can’t sing correctly as before. My vocal range just decreased on both sides, up and down. So, when the ladies cover me, the people won’t quit listening as fast as if there was only me :rofl:

That saying, how do you find Scaler driven Pink Floyd singers, sisters McBroom - Durga and Lorelei? I believe that they sound pretty realistic. I need to experiment more with this VST, but already now, it is worth every penny I invested in because I was ready to abandon this project because of my voice and tried everything to hide it (Vocoder, for example). But this sounds much better.

Nice voices indeed!
Now you only have to call David and Roger
and don’t forget to hire a saxophonist, and buy an inflatable pig :grin:

BTW I remind just now that I have a voice plugin somewhere in my bit-cellar :grin:
I must retrieve it and so some test

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Yah, that’s right. I already Have Nick as Jamstix drummer :laughing:

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$109 here: ⁣Search Results - Page 1 - “Hollywood Backup Singers” – Thomann United States (
At it’s $100.46 with coupon code GROUP. It’s $101.50 at their Blowouts site: | EastWest Hollywood Backup Singers

This is even better!
Anyways I already bought it for 119$ which is still far from the original price and tried with excellent results. I also bought their Symphonic Choir for 159$ , a big 60% off. These prices are very reasonable, especially for the quality I received.