Scaler with midimood Kameleono (working with midi patterns)

Earlier I wrote about using Scaler with SquareHeads Nora, but I found a more interesting workflow.

This workflow allows you to transform midi pattern to match the chord.
Pattern can be played from the DAW timeline or assigned to launchpad in Ableton Session View.
I also use this method in Reaper with Helgoboss Playtime (Session View for Reaper).

Kameleono uses two tracks.

More advanced. MIDI patterns in DAW can be used to control articulation VST instrument or NI Kontakt instrument. To do this, you must additionally second send from pattern track for articulation notes to the instrument track. I use for filter articulation notes NoteMapper in Reaper.

I really like Scaler and I use it every time.
But I can’t work with midi patterns using only Scaler. I’ve tried using Scaler Keys-lock chord extension.
The main problem is that Scale chord extension uses a range of two octaves, i need 3 octaves or more for patterns.
I would also like to have settings transpose and limitations range of notes for chord extension output.
It is useful to output the result for different instruments. Limit range of notes from pattern. Scaler does not have to consider notes articulation.

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it seems to me they are way less than 2 octaves, as many notes are identical
something as 1-2-3 then 1-2-3-4-5, then 3,4,5
have you noticed that?

and, can I hear some samples of your tunes after Scaler, then after Kameleono?

Not sure I am understanding perfectly but the note range can be restricted for the purpose of triggering limited range instruments. Look in voice grouping top right.