Scaler with UJAM guitars and no hassle, how?

I asked it already and @davide said the option to add/move playable areas will be possibly added, but what can I do currently?

I bought the UJAM Sparkle guitar that has amazing funky patterns, but feeding it with Scaler is a nightmare

I tried using MIDI Polysher, as I do with AAS Strum-GS 2, but I was unable to have Scaler’s chords falling in the UJAM Sparkle guitar playable area: any suggestion?

Here is the UJAM GUI: as you see the playable area is C4 to C6 and over

Maybe, if you are in Ableton, then try putting Pitch +12 midi effects several times, before the guitars until something sounds in UJAM

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yes, thanks @jjfagot
the idea is fine, but I had to use Pitch +24 combined with Grouping C3-B4
otherwise, one of the chord notes fell sometimes on the Style Phrases area, changing the riff

This is not always bad because it adds further variations, but I wanted to start with a situation where all is under control, and now I have it

These UJAM guitars are interesting, and I like their sounds

The only problem, like with AAS Strum-GS 2, is that they are close systems, i.e. you cannot add patterns or riffs

I was too hast in saying it worked

or better: it works as chords notes fall in the correct UJAM area, but the sound of those chords is totally different with or without the Pitch +24

it seems that Scaler is also involved and I don’t understand why

here is the picture

I guess you will have to try various pitch +12s. Keep in mind that you can put two with +12 (or one whith +24) and another +12 lower it until it works for you. In that of testing you are a great expert, Claudio, hehe
I used your method to make a RabittBond, but I haven’t had time to finish it or make the video
You can also try to go up in Binding and raise the octaves

And also:
You can lower the chords that are in A to C, and then edit them by raising the necessary octaves

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I tried all suggestions but no one worked
I suspect I need a vst similar to MIDI Polysher but more advanced
I’ll do some other test & search tomorrow
thanks anyway

I would just use the C3-B4 Grouping and then and another midi FX to transpose another octave or two. Like Logic’s MIDI FX Transposer or there must be a few other free transpose plugins?
We will have a user customisable range but that’s still a little while away.

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yesterday I tried just that @davide but I found that the Ableton Pitch tool used as you see in my picture above transposes Scaler chords as well, not only the UJAM area plucked by Scaler: I dunno why

I think I’ll have to test MIDI Polysher better, because it doesn’t have this strange behavior, possibly because it is a MIDI plugin in its own track

But it is not only that: I tried using the Ableton Pitch tool in its own track between Scaler and UJAM and I think to remember it didn’t work

even if it was late evening, and maybe I was just stoned :crazy_face:

quite funnily… it doesn’t work

I’m sorry. I said what seemed to me might work

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I use Scaler with UJAM instruments with no problem. The key is to limit the Scaler chords to triads. Do not turn on dynamic voicing. You want the triads to stay confined. Use the transpose in the edit section of Scaler till the chords fall in the range of the UJAM playable area. UJAM does not recognize any chords outside of a triad anyway. I’ve used it on the Bass, the Carbon guitar and the Striiiigs. Works just fine.



Do not turn on dynamic voicing.


Use the transpose in the edit section of Scaler till the chords fall in the range of the UJAM playable area

That is the trick
I’ll try that

Anyway, a UJAM developer promised to test Scaler for me

don’t worry
you said the same thing as @jamieh but I just understood it wrongly

super simple!

I see that @jjfagot suggested the same, but I didn’t get it
so thanks to both

I found anyway, that UJAM recognizes even chords made by more than 3 notes (if it’s the triad you were referring to :smile:), and I can listen interesting patterns made by chords and single notes using Melody > Riffs

for example, try this Scaler-State_2021-03-10_233538.xml (9.7 KB)

This method works for all of Sonokinetics libraries as well. They have some great phrase based orchestral libraries that are a delight. Every year they do a 12 days of Christmas sale that has awarded me 3 free brilliant Ostinato libraries and super discounts on some of their best sellers. Picked up Indie last year for $55 for a $249 library. Just wrote a piece with it that features Scaler driving the chords. Lovely combo.


Anyway that method has a drawback: I usually use Broomstick Bass first (EzBass later), because it follows automatically and gives me also a basic drums, but due to the fact I have Scaler sending notes 5-6 octaves higher, I must use MIDI Polysher to lower them, otherwise the bassist strikes

That is really weird ,I couldnt drag and drop the midi more than once in flstudio 20

Are you sure you have the same issue I created this thread to?