Scaler without Scaler

The title seems provocative, and it is… partly

There is a part of Scaler that I (and not only me) would always be able to use, but was unable to use because it doesn’t work, that is green keys

Well, tonight I found a way to have a sort-of-green-keys using Scaler, a blues progression, and AAS Strum GS-2 in the Guitar mode, but using my real finger this time!

The trick is very simple, and involves Scaler playing the guitar as it was my left hand, and me playing notes in tune with my (real) right hand
Or the other way?
I don’t know LOL, too late, and too much time passed since the last time I had a real guitar in my hands

Here is the picture with routings

My loyal Broomstick Bass was a bit drunk tonight, so I helped it with a matching scale :rofl:

Here is the guitar

To have chords falling in the right place I simply used groupings (no MIDI Polysher this time)

Here is the Scaler template

Scaler-State_2021-05-05_003355.xml (8.5 KB)

The drums were built around the bass MIDI
Broomstick Bass.64.mid (11.3 KB)

And here is the final result

I limited mixing to the very minimum (no Ozone hole hit) because I am more interested in capabilities, but I am sure a more skilled hand can do much better

BTW, it’s worthy to say that the usable notes, always in tune, are 7 (yellow arrows) included 2 strums, nevertheless the chords played by Scaler

I say that because Scaler green-keys let us use less than 5 notes, quite often just 3

There is a way to fix issues with green-keys @Ed1 and have more playable notes at hand?

Just curious, what do you mean by Scaler green-keys?

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Those that clicking on them your bank account replenishes

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Well… not exactly he he

they are the keys that you can click on after selecting Keys Lock and Chords Notes, and let you play some notes in tune with chords

Thanks! This is a feature I had not noticed before.

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It is an amazing feature

Unfortunately, it crashes my machine, likely due to poor RAM/CPU
have fun with it

Hey Court…can I call you Court?

Along with Claudio’s guidance, you might also notice some other “Green Keys” which are “key switches” used by Scaler in different modes and in different ways. The implementation can feel a bit inconsistent across modes, but that could certainly be me not fully understanding what I’m looking at.

As a starter:

A Green Keys - As Claudio said, these are the notes that are playable while in Keylock mode when set to Chord notes or Extensions
B Green Keys - Sharps/Flats >> C#,D# toggle Scale or Chord and F#,G# toggle Chord mute and unmute
C Green Keys - Whole Notes >>> Change Melody selections

So much to explore…so little wine.

Can I help you?

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Thanks for this. I did discover the chord mute and unmute, but not the others. I can see that they would be very useful. I’ll have to play with it more.

And yes, you can call me “Court” :smile:

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