Scaler2 crashing Pro Tools

I just installedScaler 2 V2.9.0 and its unusable in Protools 2024.6 running MacOS 13.6.7.

I’ve tried reinstalling and opening in a fresh session and it crashes almost immediately regardless of session.

Any assistance would be appreciated


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Hi @jamieboss1 Welcome to the forum. Is that for the newly updated version of ProTools? Was it working before? @Tristan Can you download and try on PT 2024.6?

Thank you Davide. I just installed Scaler (for the first time) after I updated Protools to the latest version. Didn’t have a chance to try with the older version. Could I send you a crash report, etc?
Thanks again,

Hi folks,

Scaler 2.9.0 is running just fine for me in Pro Tools 2024.6 in both a new session and loading an old session. I am on Mac OS 14.5 however on an M2 Mac, so difficult to check on an older OS. @jamieboss1 out of curiosity, are you using an Intel or Apple Silicon Mac?

I’m using a MacMini M2 Pro.
Thanks all!

Thanks @jamieboss1. It is tricky given we’re unable to reproduce this on an M2 Mac similar to yours, however we will look into it. Are you having similar issues with any other plugins or is it just Scaler 2?

Thanks @Tristan . The computer has been rock solid besides Scaler2.

I’m having a similar issue with Scaler 2V9 and PT 2024.6 in OS 13.6.7 on M1Pro.

When I rec arm the scaler 2 instrument track the system becomes very glitchy with pops and eventually crashes.

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Also when the track isn’t in rec arm mode I get glitches and crashes when playback is stopped (AAE -9093)

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Hello. Just got a Mac Studio M1 Ultra and Scaler is crashing protools in a similar manner others are reporting. Just having it in the session causes errors when I hit stop. It also hangs when midi is sent to it. Running Ventura 13.6.7 and Scaler version 2.81

I sure hope we can fix this as it was working great on my old Mac Pro 5,1.

Thanks so much!

I have the same problem. im mac studio protools studio 2024 / any news

HI all, our Devs are looking into all of this now thank you all for providing this info it’s been helpful - we are expecting some news soon. Will let you know.