Scaler2 getting some love over on


Thanks for that link, helped us discover an anomaly with the arp!

I’m a hobbyist with little musical training. I’ve found the members of vi-control, many of whom earn their livings doing composition, to be very helpful to newcomers. So this thread caught my eye as both experienced and new members were commenting.

Also is a link by a frequent poster on vi-control that features Scaler1.

Yes I am a lurker over there. One of my first memories was advising Hans Zimmer on sound design before I knew his alias so be careful over there as you never know whom you are chatting too. Valuable forum with wonderful members.

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The vi thread is a lowkey but interesting discussion of phrase libraries vs the open path that Scaler provides. Lots of phrase libraries debuted recently.

Several of the vi professional members have definitely influenced and directed my first sample library purchases. I had hesitantly pm’ed one and she connected me with her more experienced friend. Both are great resources.

And thanks for all the effort your team is putting into Scaler 2.