[Scaler2] Session States Import/Export Fails to Restore Chords Patterns


Trying to Export then Import a Session State fails to reload all the existing patterns. In my case 8 patterns exported, only 2 restored after import.

The patterns are correctly restored after reloading the Ableton Live project (*.als) though.

I can provide the session state XML if needed (but I’m not sure if the 8 patterns are actually saved or if the issue is at loading time).

Guy Rabiller.

Windows 10 - 1909 - 18363.900
Ableton Live 10 - 10.1.14
Scaler 2.0.4 VST

Thanks for reporting @grabiller

We will run some tests, you can send me the XML here if you want: https://www.dropbox.com/request/4yWknXGSgimFFSt0czua

You’re welcome.

XML file sent!

Hi @grabiller

we have found the bug causing your issue, it will be fixed in the next update.


Hi Ed,

Great news, thanks!

So were the Session State XML files corrupted (should I re-export those with the next update) ?
Or can I keep those and they will be loaded correctly with the next update ?