Scaler2 Shutting down Audio when I trigger a midi note

Scaler2 Shutting down Audio when I trigger a midi note, it makes a click, then no audio.
Scaler2 was installed and running fine, then I installed your pumper3/Imprint/Pitchmonster
It seems like the problem is running these plugins simultaneously,
Has anyone else had a similar problem running multiple plugins?
I also use Captain Chords and have problems with the windows opening smaller and smaller. Seems like alot of bugs!!!sorry guys.I need help, I spent alot of money on Hardware and Software and my virtual studio is crumbling. Help!

Hi @russcnj55 and welcome,

which DAW are you using and on which platform, Mac or Windows?
It might be worth checking your audio settings as well (samplerate, block-size).


Fruityloops20 Producer windows 10,thanks !

I have different versions of Scaler, What’s different about Scaler 2 audio?

ScalerAudio 2 is an audio effect version of the plugin.

It makes it easy to analyse the content of an audio track by loading the plugin in the effect chain.
Apart from this, it has the exact same features as Scaler 2.