Scaler2 stop working

hy there please help, scaler2 worked absolutly fine till yesterdy…

nothing changed getting no midi from keybord on scaler or from scaler back in aleton
and no sound from scaler2…

only if i bind the chord section it seems scaler getting the binded notes from keybord but no sound?

ive already tryed to un/reinstall and update nothing changed.

Im getting crazy whats the problem?

so pleasecan anybody help?

Thanks Daniel

I think I just had a similar problem with Cubase/Scaler2. Scaler did not recognize MIDI events. Cubase does. An update from 2.0.4 to 2.0.9 did not help either.

My solution was the following:
Completely uninstalled Scaler, searched for the PluginBoutique/Scaler2 folder and renamed Scaler2. Maybe deleting and saving works too. During the installation a new folder is created and it must be registered again. The settings were gone, so maybe save from Scaler before.
In any case it works again.
Hope for you too.