Scaler2 Success

WOAH… :eyes:.
In only 24hrs, scaler2 has hit over 10k downloads. Of all the stuff I’ve bought from Plugin Boutique, I’ve never seen such massive success for ANY product on Release Date.

CONGRATS to the TEAM, and Congrats to all of you Supporters for making it happen!

Speaking of Plugin Boutique, I think its going to be a while before I need anything else from over there
Maybe another EQ/Comp or so, but I genuinely believe all my Music Theory Needs are covered (especially if the team can implement the request for users importing/creating their own scales :pray: :grin: )

PS: Im still going to buy additional copies…you guys EARNED & DESERVED IT.

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Thanks and hopefully PB don’t allow multiple purchases of the same product. You can support by spreading the word and continuing to offer feedback. Thank you though. Appreciate the sentiment.


Scaler is perfect for chords. If scaler is simpler and more automatic, I believe it will be downloaded and used by more than 100000 people.
Find your own chord, and a song will come out automatically. Bass line, pad, intro, music middle part, music chorus, music end
Apple’s mobile phone is a complex system, but it’s very simple to make it easier for everyone to use, so Apple’s mobile phone succeeded.
Now scaler has this strength. As long as the software is simpler and more automatic, it will surely be more popular for more music lovers to download and use.

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I agree 100% and without sounding like an arrogant &$^&$^% - it is already used by over 100,000 people.

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