ScalerLite 2 in iOS GarageBand won't open as regular Scaler 2 in Logic Pro on my Mac

Hello everyone! I want to open a song that I started in iOS GarageBand on my ipad in Logic Pro on my Mac like I usually do. However, I was using ScalerLite 2 to generate ideas in iOS and assumed that by opening the session in Logic it would default to the regular Scaler 2 plugin I have on my Mac. Logic gave me a prompt saying “Logic can’t find ScalerLite on my system”.
Is there a ScalerLite 2 for macOS?
All I really want is to have my chord sets I’ve set up in iOS ScalerLite 2 show up in my Scaler 2 plugin in Logic.
My work around was to use the “detect” function once I opened up the session in Logic and had it read my chords from the midi files I’d recorded in iOS GarageBand. It worked just fine but it was a bit time consuming.
Also, it made me think, what if I had a much more elaborate state of ScalerLite 2 or iOS Scaler 2 going and really needed the whole state to be recreated in the macOS Scaler 2 plugin.
Is anyone else running into this issue?
Thank you.

Hi @LIX72

You can export the state of ScalerLite to a file and re-import the file in any other instance of Scaler, ScalerControl, or ScalerAudio.

The project can’t be ported directly from one platform to another but you will be able to use your Scaler sessions this way.