Scaler's channel doesn't mute

When I enable MUTE on channel in Studio One that Scaler is on, I can still hear Scaler. Why is that? Doesn’t a channel’s MUTE button, mute the channel?

It should. Do you have Scaler controlling another track or is it just the Scaler track you hear?

Well, I still can’t mute the track. And I’ve almost given up!!! I don’t have Scaler controlling another track. It’s just the Scaler track I hear. Do you have any ideas at all please?

First thing is first, replace scaler with another instrument. Is it still behaving the same way?
Is the output being sent to an auxiliary channel and that is what you are hearing when the track channel is muted? Is the midi coming in from another channel? Definitely has something to do with your routing…

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Muting an Instrument track (midi) in Studio One gives you many opportunities.
Muting the track from the track banner in the arranger will mute only the midi playing from that track, not the audio channel in the mixer.
Try to mute Scaler’s channel from the mixer to see if this is the case.


OMG! You so are brilliant. Thank You. Yes, I can mute the channel from the mixer!!! (But not from the Arranger.)
I was so depressed because I could not figure this out. You are amazingly smart. So, is that the only way I can mute Scaler in this example? Is there no way be able to mute Scaler from the track banner in the Arranger?

You should be able to bypass the plug-in from arrange.

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