Scalers Good at - Hitchcock

Short cue for a short film I’m doing.
Scaler helped me with a Bernard Herrmann-type cue. Strings are Cinematic Studio Strings.
Fits the vibe I was looking for. Performances, Phrases and Chordal expressions.

Herrmann Cue


And who is the murderer?

That would be telling.

Nice one :smile: I love Bernard Herrmann style
May I ask you how exactly Scaler helped you with this? I mean, in what manner? With Horror Scale presets ?

The Half Diminished Scale in G using Gmin7(b5)/Db | Dbaug | Gmin7(b5)/F | Faug chords and some expressions - Percipitando - Obligato - Amabile - Decrescendo - Strum Fast.
All of those expressions sound completely different depending on the sound used. I used a mixture of Cinematic Studio Strings, Harp, Woodwinds, Vibes for the final. Only strings are used in this initial test.
It’s the Half Diminished Scale that gives it the Herrmann vibe.
I did edit the expressions to put certain phrases in the range I wanted and also to have some instruments play some notes and not others. Some sort of Divisi would be great to have but the only option I can afford is doing it by hand.
Here is the final version—

Herrmann Cue Final


Nice cinematic feeling.
Not sure to understand how Scaler was used for this. Did you go from the G Half Diminished scale as a starting point in the main window then add some modal interchange with those Gmin7(b5)/Db and Gmin7(b5)/F and add an extra out of the scale Faug ??

Chord variations and general knowledge of Herrmann style. I’m already familiar with the half diminished scale so I used Scaler for chord variations. Where it helped is the expressions. There are several in there that, when applied to strings, sound very orchestral. So mapping out the chords with the expressions was Scaler’s contribution.
Playing the pads while coming up with the right combination and then DAW sync to play the various instruments until I rendered the MIDI to each track for editing.
Of some note the Dbaug and Faug chords are identical except for the root note. Faug should read Dbaug/F but Scaler won’t write it that way.

Huummm, ok got it. So Expression was the key for you, more than chords itself.
That’s not a feature I would have thinked Scaler for. To be honest, I just remember this because of you. I will take a look and dive into to see by myself what can emerge of this. Thanks :wink:

Divisimate works well with Scaler. It’s a bit fussy to set up but you can bring your controller into a track with Scaler. Send Scaler out to Divisimate and then Divisimate back into your DAW separated out to different sections or instruments as needed. Or I can in Cubase/Nuendo anyway. I shouldn’t speak for all DAWs.

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Very interested in Divisimate. I use Cubase as well as Ableton and Digital Performer. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work similar in all of them. Maybe they’ll have a Black Friday sale or Holiday sale this year.
Seems like it could be great with Scaler.