Scales and Modes for section A different from section B

Hi: Just getting started and when I change the scale and/or mode in section A, the scale or mode in section B doesn’t change. Thank you

Don’t see that happening at all. Can you take a screen shot or 2?

Section A in D major and section B in C major. Section B won’t change when i change section A. Also, when I start from scratch there is no section B showing in scale mode. The only way I get section B to appear is in Song mode, but then I’m in a different scale than I want to be.
section A Section B different

You don’t have the Scale selected in that screen shot. Click on the Scale. It will change in B.
If you don’t actually select the scale you haven’t chosen one.

Hi @Gordo

Are you sure about this?

I have opened a song in C major

I then “Forced to SCale” to E Lydian mode

and the suggested scales in Section A changed and Section B changed to the E Lydian scale

Looking more closely at your screen shot, as @jamieh said you don’t appear to have selected a new scale. When you do it should change the scale in Section B.

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