Scope Creep Opportunity for Scaler 3 ;-)

Basically a better user interface what this video walks you through to setup manually in Ableton…
Randomized melodies - Getting creative in Ableton Live #10 - YouTube

And bonus… to present Scaler workflow videos in this guy’s style, plus the beard :rofl:

on about 1 minute I heard a Commodore 64-style noise (the oddly-bearded called it “sim sound” :rofl:) and I freaked out :exploding_head:
Enough is enough! LOL

Creating chord progressions and melodies ‘automatically’ is an on-going aspect of ideas which have been around since the early days of musical composition. Indeed, skipping forward from the Greeks, no less than Mozart created his systems of Musikalisches Wurfelspiel which was composition by rolling dice - a sort of 18th century version of Ableton’s new random clip selection.
Currently, there are a plethora of systems which seek to do this in a modern idiom like (for example) Audiomodern and Captain Chords to name just two of many.
One of the contributed chord sets in Scaler was by Tim Cole, who I suspect is the same Tim Cole who founded SSEYO and engineered a (very clever) generation system called KOAN, which triggered the interest of people like Brian Eno - over 30 years ago (Davide?) .
Taking a rather different approach over the same period were (e.g.) PG Music with Band in a Box (which is actually quite good at jazz sequences) , and SoundTrek with Jammer. You may not like the genre of the end product, but both have quite a degree of both technical sophistication and musical theory robustness.
I’ve toyed with all the above, but what sparked me about Scaler was that instead of clicking a ‘compose’ button 106 times and thinking “that one’s ok”, it encourages one to explore, experiment, and learn / understand more of compositional principles and develop a more satisfying approach to arranging 7 pitches in a sequence that is somehow pleasing.
Plus ca change …


…plus c’est la meme chose. Gotcha :wink:
Aleatoric music creation is actually my passion, and definitely my style of electronic music is heavily influenced by Brian Eno. My goal is not necessarily to replace traditional ways of making music, but to practice in a style that is accommodating my different relationship to using instruments (not formal theory/note based, but more experiential, I guess along the spirit of Jazz?). The end result may not be palatable to most, and thus the joy is more in the journey than the destination :wink:

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Bernd … I guess you are familiar with KOAN and it’s offspring Noatikl ?

Yes, and looks like this morphed into Wotja, an iPad app I have been playing with for a bit a while back (the trial version). I cannot remember why I stopped using it. I should revisit it.

BTW, I read recently (on Nature I think) that AI developers have already developed softwares that creates poetry and other texts that are quite indistinguishable from human ones…

One of my dream that is coming true

So far, I was rarely able to produce decent texts in Italian, and recently in English using the McGill Rhyming Dictionary, with further help from a UK friend

never imagined…