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To follow along with this tutorial: Scaler 2 | All the Little Things
the second chord is “Eb maj”.
How to find that chord? ( thought it might be because the incorrect scale is selected )
so changed the Scale to “F min”
also, in the vid The chords show Roman Numerals.
not sure what to do more than these steps.

  1. Edit Chord mode
  2. (on the Wheel of Chordfortune) Select “E” and “b”
  3. Chord Search: “Eb maj”

On the ‘Chord’ page, the selected scale on the Main page does not interact.
As it’s Eb, you need to think enharmonically, and click D# in the circle of fifths

Then drag that onto the pattern.

Equally, you could have just used the search box (as you did) and got D#maj which is the same

If you now drag the D# onto the pattern, you are good to go, as they say…

Two points. The first is that in settings / preferences you can set the note display to be scale, sharps or flats, which ever suits you. You should also make sure the ‘circle of fifths preview’ is ‘on’.

Secondly, ‘all the little things’ was an update, so makes a lot of presumptions about your familiarity with Scaler … some of the other vids take it more from the start, for each topic.

Anyway, it seems things are moving on !

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…“As it’s Eb, you need to think enharmonically,”
I was gonna, but the dog ate my homework.

I had a feeling it was going to be me not knowing a thing about the most basic music theory.
~ Thank you!