Secondary Scale modulation tutorial?

I watched the official tutorial video and figured out how to use modulation except the secondary scale one. It just showed briefly, so I couldn’t get so much info.
I’ve been looking for a tutorial for that, but can’t find any good one for it.
Any suggestion?

There’s not that much too it other than it gives you the flexibly of deciding which scale you want to modulate to. So I guess the point is it covers most other forms of modulation, you may want to modulate somewhere close by on the CO5ths or do a semitone modulation or go somewhere specific. It will also show you the secondary dominants for each destination chord in the new scale and some chords of how to modulate from one scale to another (including a pivot chord) these modulation suggested pathways were written by our artists!

Are you referring to Secondary Dominants? If so try this sort tutorial.

Hi, Davide.
Thanks for your help. I’ll be looking forward to more tutorials/tips down the road.

Great! It’s much easier to understand with the images. It must be better if it was a video though.