Section C Bulk Changes

Maybe I am Captain Obvious pointing this out, but after 2 years as avid Scaler user just now having discovered this, I am assuming others may have missed that too…

I do enjoy changing the voicings on scales in Section B, and always wished I could do that with custom chord progressions in Section C. Well, you can, sort of, by manually changing around the Chord Voicings “Inversion” in Edit mode of Section C. But it annoyed me having to do that for each chord.

What I found out today is that when you mark all chords (lasso select), and then just change any one chord’s voicing setting, it will apply to all. I was so excited to discover this UI gem, I thought I’d better share with the community :)=)

What is even more fascinating, if you just select a subset of chords, and tweak the individual inversion setting, and then select all and change all of them, the +/- changes will be relative to their existing settings, and not change all to the same setting. Clever design, I must say! Kudos Scaler Team!


It’s a fiddly old design isn’t it. Feel like you are programming an old Stasi computer… It’s effective but I think we can make do with this screen moving forward!