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I.e If i got a progression for a chorus, scaler could suggest new chord progressions that would fit to use as verses and middle eights. :upside_down_face:

Something like that


Do you consider it reasonable that Scaler create an arrangement and associated chords with that arrangement when given a small amount chords to work off of?

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at least a random ize function could be very handy!


I very much understand your reaction and response, but by way of background and not making any value judgements, there have been quite few posts which apparently seek ‘one button’ hit track composition, and @LightWingStudios response was maybe in that context and without malign intent.

This board has been pretty civilised to date with no aggro or trolls.


Exactly my intent. Not to offend but to point that out.

It would seem, IMO and I think many others would agree, that a “One Button Hit Track” feature would an unreasonable request of ANY VST/AAX software developer.

But you of course are free to make any “enhancement” request you so desire. If I may suggest that with that request you outline exactly what a “Hit Track” is, the genre, the arrangement, etc. The Scaler SW developers will need parameters and specifications to achieve the results you would be satisfied with. It will be interesting to see if they consider or are up to the challenge.

And what if i where to suggest a one button’ hit track, again?<

My response was to your “suggestion”.

Then you deleted your previous posts. Good luck in all your endeavors.

There @ClaudioPorcellana , another idiom for your linguistics collection :slight_smile: It is a polite form for something better not said honestly in social forums :slight_smile:

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I think we’re getting stuck with the wording “Hit Track”. To me, the intent of the feature request is clear… just offer a variety of chord progressions somehow related to the existing one. I do think this is reasonable both in desire as well as in implementation.

One could start with the random suggestions and let the user filter out, that leaves the creative agency with the musician. Or one can derive (via machine learning?) the typical patterns per genre and make according suggestions. Scaler does it with chords already in the Circle of Fifth UI. There’s some underlying theory that makes suggestions “reasonable”.

Now it’s at the Scaler product team’s discretion on when or whether to implement that capability. But it doesn’t warrant shooting down the feature suggestion by those who don’t see a need for it in their perspective. I very much second @jimmyzk 's idea and hope too that Scaler will grow toward that opportunity.

As for the occasional communication mishaps, consider that we are a very diverse (geographic and cultural) community here, and little hiccups occasionally occur. But I can also second the assertion that nobody here as ill will but only good intentions. So chill people :slight_smile:


Very interesting yes, added to the list

Anyways pals, please don’t kill my “segreto di Pulcinella” to have a Scaler “Rick Wakeman” button a day or another
:grin: :rofl:

We have made some really interesting progress in this space recently. And suggestion features are coming in 2.5.

I won’t say too much except that we have a lot of fun testing and even though I am usually not a fan of randomization when you had a bit of theory in the mix it makes Scaler shine :star_struck: :musical_keyboard: :musical_note:


It is recommended to add the selected style, because different styles, bass, melody and rhythm are different.
This will make scaler a necessary software for learning music style.

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@Ed1 Any ETA on 2.5?..asking for the Masses. :slight_smile:

Next year if I remember well

2.5 will be available around the end of November


@Ed1 YES! 'Tis true…you are THE MAN! :slight_smile:

I agree with Bernd on this. The request - though maybe not perfectly phrased - is as ‘valid’ as any other.

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